100% Virus Proof
Identity Theft Proof
View all of your files and contacts
Access from any computer
Compatible with all Cell phones
Works with all PDA’s
PalmTreo, Blackberry Compatible
All file formats accepted
Works with Apple systems
Remote file sharing
Master Back up data files
Directories for Organization
Password protected
Unix based system high security
Virtual Network Features
Easy to use menus
Upload from virtually anywhere



Beginning of Vdata Virtual Private Cloud

As the owner of Just Service, where repairing electronic products is a daily task, there are a couple of customers that have always stood out in my mind I will never forget.

A customer brought in his 3-year-old palm pilot and asked if I could bring it back to life. He called the manufacturer, but they told him it was too old and they didn’t support the model. Not exactly a great answer. When I tried to repair the Palm, I discovered that the item could not be fixed.

When the customer came back into Just Service to see if we fixed his palm pilot, I had to inform him that the item was not fixable and all his data was lost.

The look on his face was grim. As I gave him back his item, he told me that he lost three years of his business contacts and data. His face had a blank stare on it and he began to cry. Being a troubleshooter and problem solver, I felt helpless with this customer’s dilemma.

The other issue was with a computer that had come in for repair. The customer was very frantic about if we could save his data in the hard drive. When I booted up the system, I heard “ca click, ca click, ca click" not good).

I knew from my years of experience that the hard drive was done. An attempt to retrieve his data would not be successful (for you “techies” out there, the disk inside the hard drive that held his data was scratched by the reader head slapping back and forth over the disc grinding a groove into it, not good).

When I informed this customer that there was no way to retrieve his data, he was destroyed. He began to cry. He had been working on a 180 page novel for over 2 years, and now it was completely lost.

This problem shook my very soul. It was that moment when I became inspired to invent something that customers could save their files on. It would be compatible with all brands of computers, PDA’s and cell phones. Something that would be available if a customer’s home computer, laptop, or PDA were to crash or fail. And no data would ever be lost. But mostly, I did it because I wanted to help people. To give an answer to a problem so their life would be a little easier. No software or hardware to buy. Simple to use, compatible with all computers, PDA’s and cell phone systems that have Internet access turning them into just a viewer editor only.  

And Voila! Vdata Virtual Private Cloud was born.


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